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Friends Only

Really, the only reason I've made my journal Friends Only is because there are certain people out there who I feel just don't need to know about my everyday, unless you are one of those people, I will most likely add you back if you add me! In fact, I would love to make some new friends on here! :-)
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22 February 2013 @ 05:18 pm
I've been thinking about changing the header image on my journal for like a year, but I hadn't been able to find an image that I wanted to change it to that I could resize or crop to make the right size without the image losing its composition. Anyway, today I found a cute and pretty image of an anime girl with a cherry tree behind her. I don't know who she is, but she's adorable! Also, I wanted something spring-like (since my previous image was fall/winter) and since SakuraCon (Seattle's anime convention) is coming up soon, I thought this was prefect. :-)

Also, for my fellow King of the Nerds fans, I found some neat stuff from last nights' episode (SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched it yet!):

Each team had to write and record a "nerd anthem," and then choreograph a dance to go with it and perform it in front of an audience. I loooooved both teams' songs and wanted them both to win (I'll refrain from saying who the winning team was since I don't want to give away toooo many spoilers! lol)! Well here is a video of Team Servants of the Forsaken Orb's song "Nerds are King":

And this is a link to Genevieve's Tumblr where there is an audio clip of Team Blextrophy's song "Talk Nerdy to Me": Click here!. I wish that there was a video for their song too, since it was actually really cute, but one (of the full version at least) hasn't shown up yet.

Okay, I found an edited version of it on YouTube (they bleep out "Star Wars"!):

I wish that I could download both songs! Hahaha!

(I'm so lame...lulz.)
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19 January 2013 @ 02:11 pm
Drinking tea and watching hockey.

Three months later than usual, which is more than a little upsetting, but, in the end, I missed this too much to stay bitter. Also, I'm so so so sick of hearing about and watching football. Ugh.

Hockey is the only sport that matters. I won't let Bettman's douchbaggery change my opinion on that!
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17 January 2013 @ 10:47 pm
I went to Old Navy to buy some new work pants, and I bought some new sparkly black heels, too:

 photo new_heels_zps78b21921.jpg

Don't know where I'm going to wear them yet, but they were on clearance and I had to have them! lol

Also, I think I'm kicking this cold's ass! It's about damn time!
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30 July 2012 @ 03:14 pm
A few (mostly completely silly) observations I've made while watching the 2012 Summer Olympics:

- I saw that men's beach volleyball would be shown next on tv, and was excited...until I realized that the players wear shirts. The women wear sports bikinis, but the men wear tank tops. How is that fair? lol My interest in this sport just took a drastic turn downhill!

- Water polo is *not* played on horses! Okay, the thought of people riding around horses in a pool is pretty ridiculous, but I've kinda always had that image in my head when I thought of water polo. Having watched it today, however, I was somewhat disappointed to discover that that was not the case. Heh.

- Woman's gymnastics is still just as awesome as I remember it being as a kid. Although, I do feel as though the term "women's" should perhaps be replaced with "young ladies" or something of that sort. On another note, it's weird to hear these gymnasts talk about how they've been waiting "so long" to go the Olympics when their average age is only 16. Granted, I'm sure that they've spent more hours training than I can even conceive of, but calling any amount of time "so long" when you're only 16 seems a bit silly to anyone who's older than 16. Regardless, these girls have my utmost respect.

- I like that the gymnastics gym is hot pink! Maybe it's actually red, but it looks hot pink on my tv!

- Male swimmers are GIANTS! I think they might even be taller than NBA players!

- I'm watching women's downhill slalom kayaking right now (I think that's what it's called?). What a strange Olympic sport.

- All the water and pools I've seen today make me want to go swimming.
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25 July 2012 @ 09:20 pm
“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until its done. It's that easy, and that hard.” ― Neil Gaiman

I hit 32,000 words in my book today. I probably have about another 32,000 to go...we'll see. :-)

Writing a book is hard. I know that that sounds like it should be obvious, but it's harder than I thought it would be. The actual writing part isn't the problem. The problem is all the times that I have to *stop* writing to research something, and it's the ridiculous types of things that I find myself needing to research.

I've started following a few writers that I like on Facebook (Nicole Peeler, James Rollins, Kim Harrison) and on Livejournal (Gail Carriger and George R.R. Martin [although I've actually followed him for years]) and reading their updates about writing has been really inspiring to me. Just knowing that they are facing the same sort of hurdles that I am is really reassuring.

My other main issue has been the fact that I first started this book in June of 2011, which means that the things that I wrote in the beginning of the book were written literally a year ago. It's hard to remember the details of everything that you wrote a year ago. I mean, it's my story, my characters - you'd think that I'd be able to remember what happened when and to whom. But a lot of things happen over the course of a year (not to mention, I read a lot of other books *and* watch a lot of t.v. shows and movies). I have to keep notes as I go, which takes more time and more work.

I'm proud of these 32,000 words though. I know that I have a lot more to go still, but the plot and the characters (especially the main character) are still fresh in my mind. I still want to tell this story, I still know where I'm going with it and I know what's going to happen when and to whom (even if I can't always remember what happened in the past, lol). It's a good feeling, though.
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16 April 2012 @ 09:26 pm
I haven't posted about hockey very much at all this season, and I think it's far overdue. So, here:

First of all, I would like to say that I have not been very happy with this years' Stanley Cup Playoffs. At all.

Both my Canucks and my Penguins are in danger of being swept in round one tomorrow! This is both stupid and ridiculous and I don't like it. The only good thing that might come out of this for the Canucks is that they might finally get rid of their stupid coach, Alain Vignault (or AV for short). All the guy does is publicly humiliate members of his team that he doesn't like to the press, and then just stand around during every game and chews gum. He just chews and chews and chews, no matter what happens in the game. It's very frustrating! It would be nice to have a coach who didn't play favorites and actually seemed to give a damn!

The good thing for the Canucks has actually been Luongo. He's been playing really well! Which is great, because everyone usually ends up blaming him every time the Canucks lose (especially during the Playoffs). The rest of the team, however, can't seem to figure out how to get the puck into the L.A. Kings' net and kinda just end up skating in circles and getting out played. :-/

As for the Pens, they had a total meltdown during their game yesterday (the third in the series), which was really dumb and kinda embarrassing. I just really hope that they pull it together before tomorrow's game! They are much better than they've been playing, especially now that they have Sidney Crosby back! I really don't even know what more to say about them. The weird thing is, I actually kinda like the Philadelphia Flyers (except for Chris Pronger!) now that I've seen them "behind the scenes" on HBO's "24/7" special and if they were playing anyone besides my Pens, I would actually be happy that they were winning! However, given the circumstances...

I'm watching the San Jose Sharks/St. Louis Blues game right now (the Sharks being my third favorite team) and the Sharks are losing 4-1 with just under 15 minutes left in the third. In other words, it's not looking good. At least they have won one game already though, so they're still doing better than the Canucks and the Pens (not that that really says much...).

The only team I've really been happy about so far has been the New York Rangers. They're up 2 games to 1 in their series against the Ottawa Senators. Unfortunately, I happen to like the Sens, too, so even this is a bit bittersweet for me.

I find myself cheering for the Washington Capitals over the the Boston Bruins simply because I dislike the Bruins so very, very much (I'm a Canucks fan, so I think it's to be, I think the Bruins are over-rated thugs who have gotten away with a lot more than any other team has been allowed...). Sadly, though, the Bruins are up two games to one in that series. Poo.

As for the other three series (Detroit Red Wings/Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks/Phoenix Coyotes, and Florida Panthers/New Jersey Devils), I don't really care enough about any of those teams to have strong feelings one way or the other. If I thought that there was a chance that the Canucks would be moving onto round two, I'd be rooting against the Blackhawks simply because I wouldn't want the Canucks to have to face them *again* in the Playoffs. However, I'm pretty doubtful that the Canucks are even going to make it to round two, so I don't really see as it matters so much. Also, the Coyotes losing might make the chance of that team eventually being relocated to Seattle that much better, so I suppose I should be rooting for the Blackhawks...I just have a really hard time doing that since I don't like them.

I suppose I would root for the Red Wings over the Predators, just because I think southern hockey is stupid, which means that I would have to root for the Devils over the Panthers, too. So, there you have it.

I doubt that anyone's read this far but, if you have, kudos to you! I'll post something more interesting in my next entry, I promise, it's just that..well, here:

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b i o m e c h a n i c a l's a cute little snow bunny for you today:

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25 December 2011 @ 10:44 am
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Enjoy the best version of "O Holy Night" ever recorded:


And would I be me if I didn't include a Christmas/hockey montague???

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18 December 2011 @ 02:20 am
Is it snowing where you are right now?

No - it's raining! lol